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XN-004 "Xaero" SMG

America's answer to the Chinese Jian-She Type 05

The XN-004 SMG.

or the Chicom CQB as you COD folk call it, the XN-004 was contracted up by Storm-Ion to give military forces the same burst fire SMG seen in BLOPS2, but with a more tactical edge. Nicknamed "Xaero" after the final boss in Quake 3, this SMG, when used against the enemy will drop to zero.

Chambered in NATO standard 9x19mm ammo, the XN can pump lead out in quick 1080RPM bursts, up to 3 round bursts, or semi auto, the magazine holds 24 rounds, allowing up to 8 bursts before reloading.

The XN-004 comes standard with three attachments; A foldable foregrip mounted on front, a flashlight mounted on the RAS on the side, and an EO-Tech Holosight for easy acquisition in precise aiming. However, all of these attachments can be swapped out for whatever the situation desire.

Though tensions between the US and China can fluctuate in due time, Storm-Ion aims to bring the XN-004 to both parties, to appease them both when the time for war begins.

Storm-X, Out.