The Winfield B106 are a family of heavy-duty single-decker buses manufactured by Winfield Heavy Industries. They are the first buses manufactured by WHI, and was designed alongside Japanese heavy industries manufacturer Mitsubishi Fuso.

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The B106A in its sample colors. Note the LCD destination indicator.

There are several variants to the B106 family, including:

  • B106: The original model. This model lacked the automatic lowering steps on the front door, LCD destination indicators (they were orange LED displays instead), and LED headlights and tailights.
  • B106A: The current baseline model, replacing the original model in 2012.
  • B106C: A variant designed for charter and school bus usage. Does not have a rear side door.
  • B106F: A prototype, AWD version that never made it into production.
  • B106H: A hybrid variant (if you're that much of a tree-hugging retard).
  • B106L: An articulated variant designed for the highest capacity.

Throughout its lifetime, the B106 has been purchased and used by many mass transit districts, but the higher prices than its competitors (due to these having more and better technology) have been a turn-off for some districts.


  • Produced since 2006.
  • Height: 3.25 meters
  • Length: 10 meters
  • Width: 2.6 meters
  • Wheelbase: 4.9 meters
  • # of doors: 1 or 2
  • Engine: Mitsubishi 6M60
  • Transmission: Allison 6-speed automatic
  • This bus is designed for running over furries any time, but specifically at conventions when they all meet up so this can run them all over.
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