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The Story

The US Military is looking for a new anti-material rifle to replace the Barret M107. You're company can use whatever you need to use to replace the US Military's M107; something that can kill a man from another zip-code so something that can kill from a mile away. Something that shoots a .50BMG. It also needs to have a scope, rail system, and other things a sniper would use to destroy a vehicle and heavy cover. Use whatever that you think the US Military would want to replace it; those are your instructions.

The Rules

This competition starts from 2015.05.03 and ends 2015.06.17. Submissions will be not accepted after 2015.06.03, as voting starts from that date. Votes from before that time wont be counted and will be deleted. Your weapon has to use 12.7x99mm NATO (.50 BMG) or a custom round that is used by anti-material rifle (custom rounds are allowed, but you need to specify why you chose that custom round over .50 BMG), has to have a scope, a rail system, magazine (internal or external) of atleast 5 rounds and other things you think are used by sniper, shooting mines, targets behind cover and light armoured vehicles. The one that gets most votes get a star (☀) in the front of his creation. Score will be counted everyday. You can't vote for your weapon.

The Submissions

1. HR1200 - DeimTec Industries


2. VM Rexus - Vector Monsters


☀3. HAMR Mk.1 - Valhalla Arms Company


4. NS Arms WKW Orzeł


5. Phoenix Precision Firearms - XM63 AMR/APR