The Story

In early 2015, United States Military published a article about upcoming competition about a replacement for their current sidearm Beretta M9. It's aging designs can't keep up with current stage of USM. Now, you and your company has to make a replacement to this weapon, and it has to live up to M9's standards, so USM could use it for 10 or more years.

The Rules

It has to shoot .45 or 9mm, atleast 12 round magazine, 130mm barrel at most, musn't be bulky, and has to be easy to use. Need to have rail at least under barrel. Has to have Special Operations version, with rails both on top and under barrel, extended barrel for using a silencer. This competition starts from 2015.06.21 and ends 2015.08.04. Submissions will be not accepted after 2015.07.21, as voting starts from that date. Votes from before that time wont be counted and will be deleted. The one that gets most votes get a star (☀) in the front of his creation. Score will be counted everyday. You can't vote for your weapon.

The Submissions

1. ☀ Phoenix Precision Firearms MCAP Mk. 2 (3 votes 1st round; 4 votes 2nd round)

2. Vector Monsters - VM Aquila (3 votes 1st Round; 1 vote 2nd round)

3. Valhalla Arms Company VAC Diamondback (0 votes 1st Round)

4. NS Arms P-015 Cyrkon (1 vote 1st Round)

5. Clicker Defense FL45 (2 votes 1st Round)

6. Dronestrike LMP (1 vote 1st Round)

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