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The Sturmgewehr Model 1944 was a high calibre weapon and a respectively the very first assault rifle in history.

Welcome to the first joint schematics operation ever featured on this Wiki! Through the creative minds of site founder Foxtrot12 and user Cheesehead999, this page is all about modern variants of the MP40, StG44, and many other weapons of WWII. (Disclaimer: The StG-44 to the right is the actual design as featured during World War 2. Every gun onwards is a fictional variant and/or model)



The ScG looks very similar to the StG's chassis, featuring many more marksman utilizations.

Brought up as a direct variation of the StG-44, the ScG (Scharfschutzengewehr, or Marksman Rifle) is a marksman variant. Featuring an extended barrel, secondary iron-sights, a larger mag, and a DNR scope. This weapon is used on anti-material and long ranged operations in countries such as Uruguay, Prussia, and Germany.

Maschinenpistole Leichtesmaschinengewehr (MP-LMG)

Utilizing elements from heavy weapons around the world, the MP-LMG was the most mass-produced German weapon of the late 1980s.

A more modern and high capacitated weapon, the MP-LMG is by far the most mass-produced machinegun in German history.

Featuring an M249 SAW's polyester stock, a Cheytac M200 bipod, a Magpul Holographic sight, M1A1 Thompson foregrip, and an RPD 75-round drum, the MP-LMG is a weapon featuring low recoil, high capacity, and a great design. It also features the MP40's chassis, giving it a lightweight personality and a heavy, mountable-weapon appearance.


Utilizing parts from the M4A1 SOPMOD, a NAVY seal tactical weapon, the StG-SOPMOD was a breakthrough in weapon technology.

The Sturmgewehr-SOPMOD (Special Operation Modifications) is a tactical, more modern version of the StG-44. Featuring a Flashlight, a QBC sound suppressor, vertical foregrip, and a Magpul Masada Holographic sight, it is considered a weapon of stealth and accuracy, giving it a tactical advantage on and behind enemy lines.

Deutsch Taktischen Operationen Schusswaffen
MP40 Tactical

Designed for stealth teams and hostage rescue groups for use against lightly armed terrorist combatants, the Deutsch taktischen Operationen Schusswaffen is fully prepared to take down homegrown domestic enemies. The Schusswaffen has been modified with a foregrip, silencer, red dot scope, and classic MP-40 folding stock. This sub-machine-gun is an effective weapon and used by German, Austrian, Hungarian, and Bosnian law enforcement teams since 2012. The gun was originally planned to be sold to the British and American governments but was turned down due to the weapon's past useage against soldiers of said governments. Despite this the Spetsnaz have had no problems with incorporating the gun into their arsenal for training purposes.

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