ak styil but 90 rounds and more accuorit

Vk-3S AR
The vk-98 is a ak like gun but rounds 120.Its more accurate and better range.It has a high firerate but it is a 9X19mm size round.Its front sight is ak74u and its back is ak47.

The vk-AR is a hk417 on drugs.Its a 3 round brest and 7.62X54mm have power and Its a little les accurate then the hk417 but its more confert then it and holds 20 rounds.With a scar-L front sight and a hk back sight and ha a long RIS for grip and underbarrel shotgun ect.

The vk-3S AR is the only gun with 3 sights ever.Its front is a m4,m16 sight the middle sight is a hk battle sight and the back is a hk sight.It has a high firerate and hold 30 rounds, ther 7.62x45mm high firerate.

The vk-9 is a hevay duty scar-l with a silanced barrel.Has a high firerate and hold 40 rounds. It has the G36C sights 4 front and back. It also has a LMG shock so vary little kick.
The vk-11 is a seim-auto. It is a 35 cal. rifle that is modle on the m14 or in MW3 MK14. Its able to have a sniper scope grip bayonet bipod all at the same time and hold 10 rounds.
The vk-77is a seim-auto .it holds 20 rounds has a bipod a part of the barrel extera long barrel 4 sniping and accurate and is the most confey gun out of the vks.
all 6 assult rifles and rifles
vk-98 4 range 120 rounds 9X19mm ammo 5 confert 9 accurates 600 rpm
vk-AR 4 20 7.62X54mm 8 7.5 350
vk-3S AR 4 30 7.62X45mm 8 7.5 500
vk-9 4 40 5.56X45mm 6 7 450
vk-11 5 10 35 cal. 6 8 150
vk-77 6 20 7.62X54mm 9 9 200
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