The BAR-15, or Bullpup Automatic Rifle 15 (Based off Eugene Stoner's AR-15) is a Automatic Rifle poduced by Valkyrie Industries

Bullpup AR-15

Bullpup Automatic Rifle 15. With AR-15 standard handguard and M16A3-based sight/carrying handle.


The BAR-15 was designed in July 2013. Since the only real challenge was to partially retain the many customization options of the AR-15, the BAR-15's handguard/RIS, carrying handle/sights, front sight/gas vent, barrel and pistol grip are all compatible with AR-15 compatible parts. The Direct Impingement gas system of the orginial AR-15 was eschewed in favour of a more reliable, HK416-Style Gas Piston system. This now occupies the buttstock where the buffer tube was supposed to be in the AR-15, so Valkyrie Industries engineers built a brand-new Gas Piston system where no buffer tube was required. The operation of this weapon is nearly identical to operating a AR-15 type rifle. The Fire Selector/Safety handle is ambidextrous, as is the charging handle and magazine release. The charging handle is located, just as on AR-15 rifles, behind and below the rear sight.

The weapon currently remains in protoype phase, since Valkyrie Industries is now working on a new anti-matieriel rifle.

Differences between AR-15 and BAR-15

The biggest difference between both platforms is the barrel length. On an M4 carbine, the barrel length is typically 14.5 inches (36.8cm). On the BAR-15 of about the same size, the barrel length is 20 inches (50.8cm) long, same as a full-size M16 rifle, meaning that the BAR-15 combines both advantages of the M4 and the M16; being accurate at up to 400-500m out with standard 5.56mm NATO ammunition while maintaining the portability and CQC advantage of a carbine-sized assault rifle. The disadvantage of this layout is that the BAR-15 is practically not usable for left-handed shooters, as the cartriges would eject onto the shooter's side. Also, the BAR-15's buttstock is fixed and not interchangable with AR-15 buttstocks, since the reciever is built into the buttstock.

Specefications and features

  • Firing modes: Safe, Semi and Fully Automatic @ 800 rpm RoF
  • Chambering/Calibre: 5.56mm NATO
  • Magazines: Accepts all STANAG and PMAG AR-15 compatible mags
  • Barrel length: 508mm/20 inches
  • Total length: 840mm
  • Weight: 3kg when loaded with a full 30 rd mag
  • Retains the length of an M4 carbine while having the barrel length and accuracy of an M16 rifle.
  • Has slightly higher recoil due to the absence of a recoil-reducing buffer tube, but the difference is minimal.
  • Accepts all AR-15 compatible handguards/RIS, carrying handles, sights, gas vents & tubes and pistol grips.

Worldwide Reception

The BAR-15 was considered a "Vast improvement over the already sturdy AR-15 platform", as quoted from NRA's August Magazine.

The South Korean and Japanese Army have purchased 10'000 rifles each and are undergoing field testing.

The US Army has purchased 5'000 for testing under designation XM4.

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