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In 2012, VAC (Valhalla Arms Company) received an e-mail from the Polish Ministry of Defense requesting for a high caliber, lightweight, accurate up to 500m rifle to guard the Polish borders. So after 8 months of testing and designing we present, the BR-57 "Valken". The BR(Border Rifle)-57 is a 7.62x57mm HVAP rifle. It's lightweight, deadly and accurate up to 550m.

It is in use in Poland and Norway for their border gurads and some PMC's

-7.62x57mm HVAPs

-32 rounds


-Weight loaded: 12 lbs (loaded) 13 lbs

-Effective Range w/ FMJ: 500m w/ HVAP 550-600m

-Rounds Per Minute: 700-855

-Semi Auto or Full-Auto

-Short Stroke Gas Operated