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The VAC ATSR-30mm is a beast. ATSR or Anti-TankSabotRifle-30mm was designed for well you know anti-tank or anti-vehicle. It is being used by some Eastern European countries and South Korean and in Alaska to either counter a Russian tank assault or a North Korean tank assault. The Sabot is composed of depleted uranium. The same stuff in the A-10's Avenger cannon. It is also very expensive to make only used by a select few units in the U.S Military and some European Military units. A single sabot costs $150 to manufacture and the gun costs $80,500.


The ATSR is a nasty weapon. It can punch through BTR-90 plating and T-90 or T-72 armor. It hold 5 sabots and has the Long range Target Acquisitioning Smart Optic or the LTASO.


The LTASO is a smart optic that find your target. It will first find your target, its range and then will compose your firing solution.

  • Gun's weight: 32 pounds
  • Magazine size: 5 sabots
  • Maximum Range: 2.5 miles
  • Barrel length: 40"
  • Gun's height: 5'

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The sabot is depleted uranium and can open up tanks like a hole puncher. The Sabot is the round made for this gun

- Weight: 1 pound

- Ordinance capability: A-10 status.

-Diameter: 30mm