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The VK-78 is a medium power tactical rifle manufactured by Misriah Armory as a rifle for UNSC special forces. First entering production in August 2558, it received mostly positive feedback from Marine regiments who received it in November of that year, first used in the Sigma IV incident in 2559 by the 332nd Paramarine regiment against Insurrection forces holding an ore refinery near the capitol of the planet. It is chambered in an experimental 6.5x48mm cartridge, it holds 20 rounds in a detachable box magazine, and is very accurate, almost as a DMR/ assault rifle hybrid. It uses a short stroke gas operated system to work the heavy bolt at 550 RPM. The 6.5mm round is designed specifically as a semi armor piercing round with a tungsten core and a jacket calibrated to cut through Covenant/Banished helix-type shields. It was most notably used in the conflict on Zeta Halo by Seirra 117 and UNSC remnants against the reformed Banished led by Escharum.



Caliber- 6.5x48 special

Recoil- mildly unpleasant

Fire rate- 550 rounds per minute

Accuracy- High

Manufacturer- Misriah Armory

Date of manufacture- circa 2558

Weight (loaded)- 6.9 lbs

Fire settings- safe/semi/auto

Magazine capacity- 20 rounds