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The VAC WolfBlade is an integrally suppressed .300 Blackout carbine. Like the AAC Honey Badger but a little less cheaper and a bit more accurate at 300m. It was manufactured in 2015 by Valhalla Arms Company to serve special forces and law enforcement applications. It is 30 inches and the barrel length is 8 inches and weighs 7.3 pounds. It's in service with SEAL teams, CSAR units, GIGN, KSK, and with FBI Counter-Terrorism units. It is the perfect CQB tool.


Standard VAC WolfBlade

- Total Length: 31 inches

- Barrel length: 8 inches

- Weight: 7.3 pounds

- Magazine: Any STANAG magazines.

- Effective Range: 250-300m

- Rate of Fire: 780 Rounds Per Minute

- Cartridge: .300 Blackout

- Direct Impingement Gas-Operated

- Decible Output: 130dB [Average]

- MSRP: $2,500

VAC WolfBlade with Magpul VFG and EoTech XPS3