The SSGL-40 is a single shot, break open, 40mm grenade launcher. It was created in 2015 as a much more portable 40mm grenade launcher. Instead of a traditional break open like a M79 the barrel instead slides forward by pushing the ambidextrous lever on the side of the gun down. It comes with our 4x Optical Grenade GunSight (OGGS), a fixed skeleton stock, and a lower rail system to attach grips or other attachments. Initially this was designed or MOUT. But at VAC we instead decided to make it effective for all combat applications.

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Above: SSGL-40 ready to fire Below: SSGL-40 open with a grenade inside Bottom left: Some 40mm 'nades in order. Left to right: 40mm Chem round, 40mm APWS (Armor Piercing White Phosphorous), and 40mm HEAT


- Cartridge: 40mm grenades

- Single shot 'slide' open

-VAC 4x OGGS sight

- Lower rail system

- Weight: 10 pounds (4.5 kg)

- (After some testing it has almost the same range as any other 40mm grenade launcher)


- US military

- US Special Forces

- Spetsgruppa Alfa

- GSG-9 (Non-lethal applications)

- Numerous police departments around the world (Also used for non-lethal applications)

- Britain's military

- And the Japanese Defense Force

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