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  • I live in a world that needs to have another crusade.
  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is U.S. Army
  • I am a Saab enthusiast.

Hello, I am Brian Stout, but you can call me TheGeneralB, TheAgentBrian, or just simply Brian. I am an admin of the wiki. In Earth-1, I am the co-lead designer of Rickard Firearms & Defense. In real life, I am the person behind RF&D, Alexandrov Design Bureau, and Chroma Security.

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Also, if you would like to know the history of the PMG wiki, check this out. But nobody will ever read my page so I guess don't. But you should.

Earth-1 Profile

Early life

Brian Takumi Stout was born on May 4, 1972, on United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka, a U.S. Navy base, to an American father and a Japanese mother. He finished his education on-base at Nile C. Kinnick High School in 1990, where he received his education in design and engineering. When he arrived in Central Illinois after he graduated high school, he went to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in Edwardsville, Illinois, where he continued his interest in design and engineering. He graduated in 1994. During his time in school, he was often described friendly, and participated in activities such as Quiz Bowl and the school play. In Illinois, his hobbies mainly consisted of hanging out with friends and going to the local gun range, as well as SHOT Show's later on.

Interest in firearms

Since the age of 13, he had a special interest in firearms, even though ownership was banned in Japan. However, when he returned to the United States for summer vacations with his father, the two and their family would often go target shooting. Later, at the age of 18, he got a chance to visit the frigate his father was aboard, where he got to shoot an M16 and an M14, both select-fire, alongside a twin M2 Browning. This, combined with his major in engineering, resulted in Stout's decision to begin focusing on new firearm designs. At the 2004 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, he met Troy Rickard, the CEO and lead designer of Rickard Firearms & Defense at their booth, where the two began discussing about their mutual interest in firearms and design. Brian was immediately hired by RF&D in 2004.

Rickard Firearms & Defense era

Brian began helping Troy with designing new products, starting with the Tactical Precision Rifle in 2004. In 2008, Rickard resigned from CEO to focus purely on design. Michael Walker, a former employee at ArmaLite from Geneseo, Illinois, and Rickard's second-in-command, took over as CEO. The trio formed a bond together, working on new weapon designs and attending SHOT Shows. Since then, Stout has had a steady career working with RF&D, and after their purchase of the well-known and highly regarded Mayfield Heavy Industries, RF&D, thanks to Troy Rickard, Brian Stout, and Michael Walker, have become one of the most famed firearms companies in the world.

Personal life

Stout married Lindsay (redacted) on March 3, 1997.

Stout is a noted fan of heavy metal music, specifically 80's and 90's thrash metal, which includes notable bands such as Metallica and Slayer. In addition, Stout is a car and Nerf enthusiast.

Originally a staunch conservative, Stout's political views have changed to become a freethinker, and has expressed admiration for certain Democrats, Libertarians, and Republicans. He is also not a member of the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, or any firearm organization despite being a gun owner. Stout has criticized Donald Trump on several occasions, including his behavior and disrespect for former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and former Arizona Senator John McCain.

Personal favorites:


I don't have a favorite for every category, so I'll just name the ones that I can think of:

Anti-materiel rifle: McMillan TAC-50

Assault rifle: HK416A7

Bolt-action rifle: Mosin Nagant M39

Concealed carry pistol: Bersa Thunder .380

General-purpose machine gun: SIG MG 338

Light machine gun: Stoner 63A

Pistol: S&W Model 5906

Revolver: Colt Python

Semi-auto rifle: Mini-14

Shotgun: Mossberg 500

Sniper rifle: Remington 700 (with KRG chassis)

Submachine gun: LWRC SMG 45 or H&K UMP

If I were to have my own private security company, what would I have for weapons?

  • Standard-issue sidearm: SIG P320
  • Scout and Sapper: LWRC SMG 45, H&K UMP, and Mossberg 590
  • Rifleman: HK416A7 or SIG MCX
  • Automatic Rifleman: IWI Negev or Knight LAMG
  • Machine Gunner: HK MG5 and SIG MG 338
  • Marksman: HK G28
  • Sniper: Barrett MRAD
  • EOD: McMillan TAC-50

Stuff in general

Actor: Not for sure

Athlete: Ayrton Senna


  • 1969-73 Saab 96 V4 (any color, Euro rally wheels)
  • 1972-77 Saab 99 EMS (orange, Euro rally wheels)
  • 1984-87 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

Drink: Milk coffee

Food: Real ramen or shrimp fajitas

Gun company: Don't have one

Historical era: World War II and Cold War

Movie: Don't have one, but here's a list of all movies I like:

  • Full Metal Jacket (1987)
  • A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica (1992)
  • The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
  • Gattaca (1997)
  • Saving Private Ryan (1998)
  • Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
  • Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (2004)
  • Senna (2010)
  • American Sniper (2014)
  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)

Musician (in this case, band): Metallica or Slayer

Place to go: Japan (my home country)

Political party: Depends on the politicians themselves.

Song: Here's a whole playlist on Youtube

T.V. Show: I don't watch a lot of TV anymore

U.S. President:

  • Modern times: Ronald Reagan
  • Of all time: George Washington or Abraham Lincoln

Video game: Battlefield 4

Video game console: Original Sega Master System or Neo Geo AES

My opposite of favorites:


Again, I don't have one for every category, so I'll just name the ones that I can think of:

Assault rifle: Textron/AAI NGSW-R (because w0t in tarnation is that bulky bullshit)

Battle rifle: M14 (I'm a believer in the FAL)

Carbine: Kel-Tec SUB-2000

Pistol: USFA Zip 22

Revolver: Cobray Ladies Home Companion

Shotgun: Cobray Terminator

Overall: Any WWII-era (or older) weapon that has been sporterized

Stuff in general

Actor: Any actor/actress that says or does something stupid politically or morally.

Athlete: Any athlete that says or does something stupid politically or morally.

Car: Any crossover/SUV (because they are killing sedans and wagons. If the SUV/crossover was a person, I would kill it slowly.)

Car company: Mercedes-Benz (for lobbying to have the 25-year age limit for importing cars)

Drink: Any type of soda

Food: Morel mushrooms or any kind of nut (cashews, peanuts, walnuts)

Gun company: Cobray (they make nothing useful)

Historical era: Pre-WWI (boring)

Movie: Any Fast and Furious movie past the fourth one

Music genre: Any modern pop, rap, electronic, and country

Musician: Any modern pop, rap, electronic, or country artist

Place to go: College

Political party: Any far-left or far-right political party, or, once again, depends on the politicians themselves.

Song: Any modern pop, rap, electronic, and country

T.V. Show: Any soap opera, Downton Abbey crap, or NCIS

U.S. President

  • Modern times: ?
  • Of all time: Woodrow Wilson

Video game: Anything made by EA (even though I said BF4 is my favorite)

Video game console: PlayStation 2 (because I feel bad for the Sega Dreamcast, which I think is more superior)

My opinion on other members (Trigger alert? Maybe?)

Since other people do this, I might as well do this too.

  • Daniel Phoenix: A good person to talk to if you need information on custom cartridges and realism and shit like that. Also just a good person in general that I respect a lot (I'm not saying that solely because he's the lead admin, he's not a North Korean dictator. Least I don't think...) P.S., Daniel's grandfather N.U.T (Needs to Unify The German states).
  • Kyle Layton (Billy): Makes some of the smoothest weapons I've seen on the wiki. Also an Aussie, so automatic bonus points for that.
  • UV00: The person who I take the most amount of influence from. Also extremely polite and great to talk to. If I have to give credit to someone as my influences, he would be first on my list.
  • ArizonaRanger27 (Rick): One of the first people that I talked to on the wiki. His guns are are awesome, especially his recent ones, and overall I have a lot of respect for this guy.
  • Steaming TOM (Evan): Hopped on the wiki at about the same time as I did. Very cool person and very funny, especially on Discord and the comment sections.
  • Ethan Scotts: Soy boy. In all honesty, though, he's yet another good person on the wiki. Slowly improving his shapework skills, although he's not very active anymore on here.
  • 66mazda: YET ANOTHER good person to talk to that I don't have any problem with. Also a car nut, just like I am.
  • Carbon98 (Odin): When it comes to 0.6, it doesn't get any better than him. Nice person with (imo) an interesting life story.
  • FrostRC: I originally passed him off as a douchebag, but he's actually pretty cool once you get to know him. Loves tanks and maple syrup. He also said my favorite quote of all time: "Do you prefer your beaches with a 3:1 sexy lady-dead body ratio?" - FrostRC, AAWS A-17
  • Alvarez998: Makes some of the smoothest guns out there, right up with Kyle Layton. Also, as with UV00, he is one of the main people that I take influence from.
  • Deimantassk: The former lead admin of the wiki has gone drunk and missing. That's okay, because he was responsible for creating a crisis on the wiki about two years ago. He originally seemed like a good person, but now, who knows. EDIT: He's back on Discord. He seems very chill now.
  • DoomWrath: Ah, yes. The person who I despised the most on PMG, especially when I look at some of his comments from five years ago, but now (and outside of PMG), he seems like a laid-back guy.

If I forgot anyone/you, I'm sorry I can't remember everybody okthanksbye.

Question & Answer:

Q: How long were you interested in guns?

A: Surprisingly, not very long. At first, I always thought the bigger the cartridge number is, the bigger the size. So this meant that I thought .357 was bigger than .223 and 5.56 was bigger than both. Also, I thought that AK-47's and AR-15's were just called machine guns (which I was partially correct). However, I really liked to play with Nerf guns when I was a kid (and I still do...*looks away in shame*).

Q: What was your first ever creation on PMG?

A: My first creation was a modified Thompson made on the old PMG. I put an M16 handguard and a drum mag on it, and made the color all black.

Q: What was your first creation put on here?

A: My first creation put on here was a gun called the RPD-9. It was an MP5K with the handguard removed and I put on an AKS-74u stock, an EOTech sight, and an AUG top rail. The picture isn't on this wiki anymore since I replaced it with my newer Advanced Compact Weapon.

Q: When was Rickard Firearms & Defense actually founded?

A: RF&D was actually founded on 2013, when I made a new note on the notepad application on my old iPod Touch. After I broke it, I then transitioned over to Google Slides. Before I actually used PMG, I was using pictures of PMG guns and GTA 5 gun pictures that I downloaded off the internet. After I started to use PMG, I then created my own creations, and thus my PMG career began.

Q: How comparable is your Earth-1 story to your real life background?

A: Pretty close, I was actually born in Japan to an American father and Japanese mother, and he served aboard three frigates while in the Navy. I also did go to the same university as I listed in my Earth-1 background. However, I moved to the United States after 3rd grade, not after high school, and I never once step foot on any frigate. I did go to college immediately after I graduated high school, and it was the same college that I listed in my fictional biography; however, I left after one year of me doing really bad academically, so I joined the US Army. Also, there is no person named Troy Rickard or Michael Walker that I actually know of; instead, I named RF&D after my friend Morgan, who (at the time, he later changed his surname) had the last name of Rickard.

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