Pimp My Gun Wiki


Hi, my name is Kyle. I own and create Vector Monsters and all of its content.

I'm known for my shapework and designs, as well as slightly fictional properties of my weapons. It's fair to say that shapework is easy for me because I have the eye for it. As a child, I drew a lot of things, like portraits, paintings, or even characters and concepts. In college, I majored in design. Most of my work entails me sitting behind a computer doing work, either for the company I'm working for, clients, or even events.

Truth be told, I don't have extensive knowledge about guns. All I care about is this PMG society, and I just want to chill, make guns, and share them. I do, however, like going to the range and practice my shooting, even though they only have a .22 caliber rifles. Other than that I pretty much just work, play, and cook.