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The UCQB (Urban Close Quarter Bullpup) was a short lived trial by Parabellum Industries in 2020 as an attempt to make a millitary sub-machine gun capable of firing the rifle-grade 7.62x45 round.  The military trials proved the UCQB to be worthy of being a possible replacement for the H&K MP5 Variants but the UCQB's firing mechanism often malfunctioned whenever the stock-reciever bridge recieved abuse, this made the UCQB unfit for military use and the trials ended.


Due to it's bullpup nature the UCQB is equipped with a longer barrel than conventional SMG's and can deliver it's lethality at a longer range, with damage compensated by the rifle-grade 7.62x45 round.  It does not feature a selective-fire.


The tan button above the corner of the mag is the mag release which allows gripping of the mag while releasing it, the irregular shapped button directly above the mag on the mechanism/stock is a bolt release for quick round loading after inserting a fresh magazine.  A grip/laser is standard on the bottom/front of the reciever and provides medial authority over the projection of rounds.