The Type 36 is a 9x19mm SMG developed by Troster Firearms. The MK1 version has a wooden receiver, and has 

Type 37

Type 36 MK1 (Top) Type 36 MK2 (Bottom)

 no rails. The MK2 version has an underslung rail, and a cheek rest. The Type 36 has a high RoF, and shoots over 800 rounds per minute. The charging handle is on the right side of the gun, and the magazine is facing downwards. The Type 36 has rather small iron sights, but they are rather suitable for the gun. The T36MK2 is designed for more tactical use, and the T36MK1 is for standard hunting/civilian use.

Type 36 MKI

The T36MKI was designed in 2014, and released 2017 It's early design had the magazine facing to the left, but John Troster thought that left handed people should be able to use the gun as well. The early design also had a smaller magazine, and a longer barrel. The T36MKI has a 30 round magazine.

Type 36 MKII

The T36MKII was designed in 2017, and released 7 months after. The military loved the gun, and decided to ask Troster Firearms for a stronger tactical version. The MKII has a removable underslung rail mount, and an optional RIS (Not shown). It also has a adjustable cheek rest, and adjustable iron sights. It had an optional flash hider (Not shown), and a slightly longer magazine extension that has 40 rounds.

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