"Merry Christmas to all, and we hope you all fry!"
―Unknown Russian soldier.


A Christmas Grenade, adorned with tape.

The Type-21 High Powered Shrapnel Containing Explosive Device, known better as the Christmas Grenade, was a special Grenade designed by USSR scientists in 1976. It was called the Christmas grenade for its color, because the grenade's casing was a bright red, surrounded by an olive drab X shape. It was also known because the chemicals the grenade produced when lit flashed in hues of rainbow colors, which turned the shrapnel inside almost confetti like. It was the first grenade to not use a pin, but a button which could prime and stop it until the five second mark, when the fuse would find its way outside of a small chamber. Though it was designed in 1976, it went into use by the Russian military almost forty years later, being old tech compared to the technology of the United States of America.

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