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After a brief skirmish in Xinjiang, Army special forces found the service rifle of the Wei Bang Ding, mandarin for "The Unbound", the terrorist group responsible for the attack on Wall Street. The weapon was handed over to analysts, but due to the sensitive nature of the information, we have been asked not to publish the facility's location.


The rifle was developed for counter terrorism units by Norinco back in 2013. The rifle was to fire the 4.6x30mm round developed by H&K, but negotiations turned sour when H&K found out that Norinco had already "knocked off" the 4.6 round for use in testing. Licensing was not granted, and the prototype rifles were sold to various law enforcement agencies, and a few S.W.A.T. units began training with them. It is speculated that the Wèi bǎng dìng either got the rifles from the black market, or that they themselves were law enforcement at some point. The rifle utilizes a magazine that functions similarly to a Heckler and Koch G11, and is reloaded by swinging the magazine outward from its rear axis. Each magazine holds 42 rounds is transparent, and the buttstock is capable of holding three additional magazines for a total of 168 rounds, freeing up the shooter's pockets for additional gear. Shells eject inside the rifle, and come out of a tube located in the handle of the weapon. A 40mm grenade launcher was made available alongside the weapon for teargas, but is being used with explosive ammunition.The weapon is known as the Bushi Tújí Bùqiāng, or Predator Assault Rifle.

The rifle used by the terrorist group, Wèi bǎng dìng. It fires a knockoff of the 4.6x30mm round developed by H&K for armor penetration. NBB stands for Norinco Bushi Tújí Bùqiāng, meaning Predator Assault Rifle.


Soldiers are concerned that the 4.6mm ammunition will penetrate their armor, after one Staff Seargeant Travis Sanders was hit in the trapezius muscle during the firefight. 

"I thought the (body) armor would help, but I heard some of the boys talk about the MP7, and how even though it was little, it could tear through carbide plates." 

When asked of this could become the norm, Travis said he doubted it. The rifles neve entered mass production, so these may be the last we see of them.

We can only hope.


The defection of one of Wei Bang Ding's chief weapons engineer enabled the analysts to work with an undisclosed arms manufacturer to produce the weapon in earnest. The design was kept as close to the original as possible. It is now produced in an undisclosed number and is being spotted in use by Japan's KEST.