TekArk MPSS ''Bulldog''

TekArk Bulldog MPSS - 12 Gauge 2.45-inch SB

Short Information

The MPSS "Bulldog" is a pump-action slide operating cycle semiautomatic action shotgun designed/developed by Franck o'Mello at TekArk since 2013-2015. The Bulldog follows the lead on a new type of role in the shotgun universe, the Multi-Purpose Hybrid Shotgun design. The MPHS design offers the weapon's shooter the chance of turning the small and lightweight shotgun into an underslung pump-action firearm lauching device, attached to the underbarrelled RIS of an assault rifle, for example. This makes the MPHS shotgun a secondary weapon for an extremely easy and fast access, perfect for CQB environments, like breaching rooms, with the small and powerful Special Bulldog 2.45-inch 12 Gauge. With its short, small, light and simple design, Bulldog MPSS stands for: "Multi-Purpose Lightweight Hybrid Shotgun System "Bulldog".

Please read below for a complete technical information about the weapon.

Technical Specifications


Type: Shotgun

Name: Multi-Purpose Lightweight Hybrid Shotgun System "Bulldog"

Acronym: Bulldog MPSS

Place of Origin: Brazil


Service History


In Service: 2019

Used by: Brazil, USA, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Slovenia, South Korea


Development and Production History


Designer: Franck o'Mello

Designed: 2013-2015

Manufacturer: IMBEL; Colt; Diemaco; Beretta; Daewoo

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