Taurus Duelist

The final production model of the Taurus Duelist, chambered in .45 Long Colt, it comes standard with two picatinny rails, and an integrated laser sight.

Taurus Duelist Reloading

The unique method of reloading is pictured here, and takes some getting used to. The Taurus Duelist also accepts 410 shotgun shells.

September 20, 2022, Taurus reveals its latest series of revolvers, the "Duelist". Sporting a matte finish, but wooden furniture, the revolver is somewhat heavy.


Much like the Chiappa Arms Rhino, or the Mateba 6 Unica, the bottom chamber is where the action  happens.

Chambered for .45 Long Colt, the  weapon also accepts 410 shotgun shells.

Standard on the the weapon are two picatinny rails, and an integral laser sight . Possibly the most interesting feature of the handgun is likely the way it is reloaded. It swings open opposite a Webley, and rounds are loaded in front of the shooting hand. It may take a while to get used to, but Taurus says this works better for shooters in cramped conditions. Time will tell if this system helps, or if it is merely for aesthetic puposes.

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