The TAR-21A1 is the 4th generation TAR assault rifle developed by IMI. It features a 30 round STANAG magazine, an updated handguard and a new rail system. Seen here fitted with an NDO sight and laser pointer.


The external design of the rifle is largely unchaged from its original counterpart. The only visible difference is the additional rails, black STANAG, new handguard and new flash hider.


The TAR-21A1 comes in 3 different variants. The Carbine variant, which features an 11 inch barrel. The Assault variant, which features a 14 inch barrel. And the DMR variant, which features an 18 inch barrel and extended handguard.


The DMR variant.

Myweapon (72)

The Assault Variant.

Myweapon (73)

Carbine variant.

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