The Stonefish MA-90 is a closed bolt bullpup-style carbine developed by Stonefish Industries for close-quarters and mid-range combat. Crafted with ergonomics, durability, and firepower in mind, the rifle has been praised by many militaries for it's stopping power and reliability, however it's complex design is highly expensive and has not been very widely adopted.

Stonefish MA-90 Carbine

Stonefish MA-90 with holographic sight and front handguard attached.

The design was originally conceived for a contract by the United Democratic Alliance for a standard issue bullpup style rifle with 600rpm, mainly polymer construction, capable of using STANAG standard ammunition. Although the then XMA-906 came in close, it was eliminated from trials by the vastly cheaper Ferdinand National Funco 62, which was also chambered in the more powerful 7.62x51 NATO cartridge, unlike the 906 which was chambered in the smaller yet higher velocity 5.56x45 round, giving it a lack of penetration capacity.


Operation: short-stroke piston, closed bolt

Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO

Rate of fire: 620rpm

Muzzle Velocity: 600 m/s

Effective Range: 400 m (1312.3 feet)

Feed system: 30, 40, 60, round box magazine, 100 round beta-key drum magazine

Barrel length: 369 mm (14.5 inches)

Total length: 541 mm (21.2 inches)

Width: 67.4 mm (2.6 inches)

Height w/o magazine: 176 mm (6.9 inches)

Weight: 3.08 kg (6.8 lbs)


MA-90H: A squad-support variant of the MA-90, it has a heavier and longer barrel for sustained fire, as well as a slightly shortened stock and heavy bipod mounts.

MA-90C: Close quarters variant with shortened barrel and piston, as well as a variable extension stock that can extend the stock by up to 101.6 millimeters (4 inches).

Stonefish Industries MA-90

Variant of the MA-90. Top: MA-90C compact CQB variant. Bottom: MA-90H support weapon variant with 40-round box magazine for supporting fire. Both variants have the Aimpoint reflex sight attached.


The MA-90 features RAS/RIS rails on the top, sides, and bottom of the standard foregrip and is capable of accepting an M-203 44mm grenade launcher.

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