Steyr PAGL Chemical Launcher

Manufactured by Austrian Owned Steyr Firearms, the PAGL (Pump-Action Grenade Launcher) has seen action in Korea, Vietnam, and in some cases, America. When the KPA occupation of America began in 2027, many Resistance fighters used this inhumane weapon on KPA soldiers. Designed as an experimental weapon, this casing holds a 34mm Chemically Advanced Weapon System (CAWS). Holsting AM2, which is short for Amazonium Mizzium-2, which burns the interior of the Vermiform Appendix causing the Esophagus to immediately shut off all airways throughout the body, assuring a slow and painful suffocation in death. It has been said that the gun was denounced "oboslete" by the US Military in 2029, serving 2 years in America, choking over 4700 KPA. It shares the bodily design of the FS2000 created in Belgium.

Steyr P.A.G.L. (AM2) c.2027

The Steyr P.A.G.L. (Pump-Action Grenade Launcher, revamped with Amazonium Mezzium-2, a fatal chemical 34mm grenade.

P.S. Sorry for the typo on the title! It's Steyr, not Steyer.

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