Steiner Weapons: Russian Division

In 2024, Steiner weapons was contracted by the russian military to develop three new weapons for them to replace the aging and outdated Ak's. Design work was started imediately and soon three working prototypes were developed.

The SWMK39A1 and A2 were 5.56x39 And 7.62x£9 respectively, whereas the SW SMG 50 was chambered in .50AE, a first for a russian weapon.



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SW SMG 50 Note the Lack of raised rails

The SMG 50 was designed to be compact, lightweight, and extermely powerful. It was slightly different to the other designed weapons as the charging handle was on the left side and it did not have raised rails.

When it first saw action in The Ukrainian rebellion, it was praised for its durability in harsh conditions. Due to the high power of the round and low weight of the weapon, many troops carried this when breaching enemy strongholds.


The SWMK39 A1 is chambered in 5.56x39 and is unique by having a four round burst.

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SW MK39A1 was designed by SW for the russian military to replace outdated ak systems.

With a small set of side rails, and a set of rails on a small carying handle, it is well laid out for attachments. However, due to it's compact design, it has a short barell and no underbarell rails.


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