Sharpshooter Light Supporting weapon

Sharpshooter LSW is a light auto weapon that has slightly more power and accuracy than the standard LSW or LMG. 

It has a quick-change barrel and high fire -power which are similar to a machinegun, but superior in the weight and mobility. It also has a weight and length similar to a assault rifle, but better in the power and accuracy.

The gun is chambered in .308 magnum which is much more powerful than the standard 7.62mm NATO. (3500J for NATO and 4700J for Mag)

The creative part of SLSW is its supporting system. Four point supporting system made this gun incredibly stable when aiming and shooting. The weight of centernis also close to the butt makes it very comfortable.

The gun can be easily disassembled and cleaned. Howevery, it is extremely reliable.

Defender MK1



Cartridge: 7.62x65mm

Range: 1000m

Length: 900mm

Barrel legth: 650mm

Weight: 5kg with 20 round magazine

Clip size: 20R/100R

Firing mode: semi auto, fully auto (F/S), 

Fire rate: F-700 rpm/S-300rpm

Early version of the Defender. Highly advanced but not the final version.

Defender MK2


Sharpshooter Defender MK1A1

Cartridge: 7.62x65mm

Range: 1200m

Length: 960mm

Barrel legth: 720mm

Weight: 5.2kg with 20 round magazine

Clip size: 20R/250R

Firing mode: semi auto, fully auto (F/S), blot action if neccesary

Fire rate: F-800 rpm/S-360rpm

SLSW is designed with the concept of Suppressive firepower. It is reliable, high-powered and futuristic. Its high firepower, accuracy , stability, high capacity and decent fire rate make it a perfect weapon for any kind of situation and environment, especially in defensive operation.

The barrel can be quickly changed and a 120 round mag can be used to make it a role of light machinegun. A light -weighted 20 round magazine and a 12x scope make it a perfect long-range sniper rifle. A extra-large 250 round chan box and a ecotech holographic sight make it a perfect heavy machinegun. Bipod is available in all visions.

Designed by Richard.X

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