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Sharpshooter Knight

The sharpshooter knight is a family member of Sharpshooter series. It plays the role of striker and offender.

The same as the other members, it uses 7.62 magnum (7.62x63mm) cartridge, which gives 1.5 times the power of a 7.62 NATO.

It is easy to carry and clean, with decent impressive accuracy and high fire power. However, It is also not heavy, but due to its high power cartridge, the gun is not light as well. Make it a ideal weapon for heavy armored soldiers.

A detachable bayonet is always added on the Knight for melee combat.


Cartridge: 7.62x65mm

Sharpshooter Knight MK1.PNG

Range: 700m

Length: 780mm

Barrel legth: 330mm

Weight: 4.3kg with 20 round magazine

Clip size: 20R

Firing mode: semi auto, fully auto, 

Fire rate: 560rpm

Early version of the Knight. Highly advanced but not the final version. Cheapest and easiest to make in all the versions.

SK-2 Black Rider

Sharpshooter Knight MK2.PNG

Cartridge: 7.62x65mm

Range: 700m

Length: 760mm

Barrel legth: 325mm

Weight: 4.8kg with 30 round magazine

Clip size: 30R

Firing mode: semi auto, fully auto. 

Fire rate: 600rpm

Latest version of the Knight. More compact than the SK-1 and has better ergonomic. Equipped with adjustable stock, folding bipod and improved sight.

Sharpshooter Dwarf

Sharpshooter Dwarf.PNG

Cartridge: 7.62x65mm

Range: 500m

Length: 680mm

Barrel legth: 240mm

Weight: 3.3kg with 25 round magazine

Clip size: 25R

Firing mode: semi auto, fully auto, 

Fire rate: 700rpm

Lightened version, capable for scout and Tank crews.

Designed by Richard.X