The Special Craft Assault Rifle Polyester Lightmachine Gun (SCAR-P LMG) is a multi-national General purpose machine gun with duel barrels, a G36 sight, an extended 67 round magazine, and standard Scar-L body form.

The Scar-P GPLMG is a multi-national weapon featured in use by Navy SEALs, Police forces, and SWAT teams. It has a multi-barrel firing system in which one barrel fires, two are in process of shell extraction, and three are being loaded, much like the M134. Note: Four barrels are not shown within this variation, the Sahara Mobile Variant (SMV).

First Use

The Scar-P was first used in the Bay of Pigs invasion, circa 1961. For it's time, it was an amazing feat of power, ammunition consumption, and accuracy. Used by SAS and US Commandos, it was featured in mant street fights across Cuba.Weilding a 67 Round magazine for extended firefights, the Scar-P also features a red dot sight attached to the upper rail.

Modern Use

Featured in many US, UK, and Israeli operations, the Scar-P was the first of it's kind. Before it, no other weapon was cpable of the accuracy, ammo capacity, and lightweight like the one compatible with this weapon. Now being used by UK forces in Afghanistan, it's purpose is to clear out small marketplaces and shops, where normal assault rifles would not succeed.It comes with many variants, this one being the SMV. Others are the AMV, JMV, or the military edition, the DNR.

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