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Saturn Anti-Materiel Rifle

PMG Saturn Firing.png

Named after Saturn, the Roman God of time, this rifle is implemented in the deaths of hundreds of Political and Terrorist Leaders. Including the assassination of Donald Trump, on the eve of his coronation of kingship in the year 2031. Back to the present, however. The Saturn fires OA's 25mm Sabot round, designed for absolute speed and penetration. (Will upload picture today). It features an integrated 12x50 Thermal Scope, and a laser module built into the handguard. Powered by OA's patented ECSG system, (Extremely Compressed Static Gas), where the /REDACTED/ gas is repeatedly charged and discharged, bombarded by electrons, and compressed into a high strength alloy container, which is used to directly charge the gun. For comparison, a 12g Cartridge of OA's gas is over 80 times more powerful than a 12g cartridge of CO2.


  • Name: Saturn AMR
  • Weight: 6.8 kg, unloaded
  • Cartridge: Caseless 25mm Sabot
  • Length: 1200mm
  • Barrel Length: 800mm
  • Action: Bolt Action