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The Samsicom C7 is a personal protection, concealed carry weapon popular with new shooters. It chambers a 5.4x23mm, taking many cues from the FN 5.7x28mm round. The C7 is designed for limited use, and as such rapidly degrades. However novice shooters have praised its ease of use and smooth action. More seasoned users find the C7 lacking in performance, especially at range. The Canadian made C7 features a 12 round dual stack magazine, brightened iron sights, and a clip on its left side.

Samsicom C7

Caliber: 5.4x23mm

Samsicom C7, adopted as the M7 by US Intelligence

Rate of Fire: 60 RPM

Muzzle Velocity: 635 m/s

Effective Range: 45m

Optics: Improved iron

Barrel Length: 3.5in

Weight: 23oz

Cost: $376

The C7 bears a strong phyical resemblence to the KIT .25 Compact , but has few internal similarities.