The SOW 65, issued to the British

The SOW 65 (Special operations weapon 65) Is a weapon that replaced the Mark IV in the TWI interests. Loosely based on the Heckler & Koch G3, the weapon was, like its predecessor, top secret wich only a few people knew about.

As of 2012, the gun isn't found, and its future isn't as bright as it's counterpart, the Mark IV.


The mechanism is only suggested by papers and documents found in the March 2011 TWI bombings. When the trigger is pulled the gun shoots out the bullet at sub sonic speed, letting it to look for the target that the computer in the gun reconized. When the target is found, the bullet goes near the speed of light and, with no doubt, kills the target. Still it is found out that the British tested the weapon in Afghanistan, and said that its quite good against a sniper Taliban. Now that the gun is missing, Barnings asked to have the one they Send for the British to be shipped back. Barnings of course, examined the gun. Confirming its Mechanism. The gun was heavily modifed, saying it's built that way. Only the Holo sight can be removed. Its backup iron sights are quite accurate to its max range of 3000 Meters.


Because of this, the other TWI weapon is being produced for the UN. And quickly, because of the money TWI is making, they could make a new HQ, get new workers, and. Barnings, offered to be the head of the rising TWI, was honorably discharged and went on to lead TWI into a new world of Wierd, but usefull weapons.

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