The SOAR 2.3. The one used today.

The SOAR (Special Operations Assault Rifle) Is one of the TWI's most popular weapons, first made in 2004, it is used by the French GIGN and the Russian FSB. It is a good weapon, according to the gun reviews


The guns mechanism works like a pump action Shotgun, without needing to pump the gun. The hefty 7x62 bullet is saved in the handguard, and when the gun is fired the bullet inside the handguard gets out with the help of the guns recoil. Because of this mechanism, its fire rate is slow, by only 485 RPM, but its big bullet gets the job done.


Version 1.2: The first version of the weapon came with jamming issues, which other Versions surpassed.

Version 1.6: The second version fixed the jamming problem, by cutting the rate of fire by 50. Still TWI needed to fix the problem.

Version 2.0: The third version brought in the new Mechanism, but it came with problems.

Version 2.3: The fourth version is the perfected one. Ditching the iron sights and bringing the Mepro 21 sight instead.

Version 2.6: The planned fifth version, the plan was destroyed by the March 2011 TWI bombings.

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