The Saritch Modular Rifle is the latest product from Sweetwater™ Precision Firearms. Classified as a DMR and fires .308 Winchester cartridges effective up to 900 meters with a cyclic rate of fire of 450 rpm. What this rifle lacks in rate of fire, it more than compensates for in sheer stopping power.

Full credit to Just Woitek now. and the dude who made the Leupold Optics. (If someone know how please replace the word dude with the creator's name.)

I submit full credit for using the Sweetwater company trademark.

Reasons of edit (by Kyle) :

  • This guy was too ignorant, both in creation administration and creating narrative descriptions.
  • The gun's original company was Sweetwater Precision Arms, a company which Amy regularly sponsored. And the plagiarist used Tula Arms.
  • .308 Winchester reaches up to 900 (edited stat) meters, 750 (original stat) is ineffective for a DMR.
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