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The Alterna. It is internally fed from the 150-round box magazine. The linked ammunition is stored in a set configuration within the box to prevent jamming.

The Alterna is our first machine gun. It fires the 7.62 NATO round. It comes pre-equipped with a laser sight which is turned on and off by twisting its head (9V battery chamber on other side;secured with bolts). The barrel is configured for quick change as well. A bipod can also be optionally mounted. Also, it can be fed from STANAG-patterned magazines, just in case.

The technical specifications are given below:

Weight: 6.824 kg

Length: 900 mm

Barrel length: 420 mm

Operation: Direct impingement gas piston

Cartridge: 7.62 NATO

Magazine capacity: 150 rounds

Rate of fire: 1000 RPM

Muzzle velocity: 825 m/s

Accurate range: 720 m (point), 1000 m (area)