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Ruskelov MK28

The Ruskelov MK28 is a Russian sub-machine gun designed by Yuri Ruskelov. It is essentially a more modern take on the Thompson 1928, better known as the Tommy Gun.


This weapon was first introduced in 2016. Since then, over 10 million MK28's have been sold worldwide. It has been used in many different battles, most notably the 2019 Battle Of Berlin. It has served in many other battles such as The Battle for Moscow Hill, The U.S. River Conflict and the 2017 Mob War.

Caliber, Magazine and Weight.

This weapon uses a unique, 6.72 MM round. The standard Ruskelov Magazine for the MK28 holds up to 47 rounds. There are 5 other types of Ruskelov Magazines designed for the MK28. Two magazines are shorter for slightly lessened weight and easier movement. The shorter magazines are 21 round box magazines and 35 round magazines. There are 3 types of larger magazines: 55 round magazines, 75 round drums and 100 round drums. The weapon weighs 6.58 pounds or 2.98 kilograms when unloaded. With the standard MK28 Magazine, it weighs 7.28 pounds or 3.30 kilograms.

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