Runes MTP

The Runes MPT

The Runes MPT was developed for close quarters combat in the expanding battlefields of the world. The main reason this weapon was developed was because the commonly used 9mm Parabellum, S&W 40. cal and the Colt 45. ACP (the most common SMG and MP rounds) were not as efffective against insurgents due to its lack of penetration. Two weapons that have solved this problem are: the MP7 (4.6x30mm) and The FN P90 (5.7x28mm). The problem is in what these weapons compensate for in penetration they lack in stopping power so the Runes MTP was developed. The Runes MTP uses the new 8.35x34mm round which can penetrate a target and also immoblize it with its stopping power. Other reasons this weapon was developed were as follows:

- A need for a more compact SMG/MP this problem was solved by devolping the MTP into a Bullpup Configuration

- An MP which could be fired Semi automatically

- An MP with a more ergonomic design

- An MP with more rate of fire options

- And finally a MP which can ficilitate most eastern and western weapon acsessories

Rate of fire: 450 rpm 900 rpm and 1700 rpm
Runes MTP Canada

Barrel Length: 292 mm, 308mm, 508 mm

Effective Range: 155 meters

Country of origin: Canada

Users: Canada, USA, Germany, UK, Ireland and Serbia

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