Ruben Defense Limited is a firearms manufacturing company formed in the early months of 2014. The story goes that 13 wealthy right wing oil magnates decided to get some brilliant gun designers and form a firearms company. Their first product is the RBDR (RuBen Defense Rifle). Described as highly accurate, it operates on a reciprocating barrel system with a gas piston design, allowing for maximum versatility and rarely, if ever needs to be cleaned. The rifle fires a proprietrary 7.72x23mm rifle cartridge, which has massive penetration and low recoil. 


The rifle itself.

In a standard Ruben mag, about 38 + 1 rounds can fit in a magazine, which uses a casket design by default. As accurate as the rifle is, it is prone to the magazine dropping out randomly, but this is generally not an issue, as it only does this under sustained fully automatic fire. The rifle has three fire modes: semi, stutter, and full auto. Semi and full auto are standard, with the fully automatic mode firing at 880 rounds per minute. Stutter allows the operator of the rifle to set the number of rounds it shoots out, which can be quite useful. A carbine version is in the works.

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