The Model 200 is a double-barreled shotgun that is made by Rickard Firearms & Defense. Based on the earlier semi-automatic Model 175, it is RF&D's third shotgun and the only double-barrel to be produced by RF&D. It is available in two different configurations; over-under or a side-by-side configuration. It competes against MWWC's M6-12G Coach Gun.

Model 200

The Model 200 in the over-under configuration.


  • Barrel can be 18 to 24 inches long.
  • Chambered for 12, or 20 gauge only, and is fed by a...well, it's pretty self-explanatory if it's a double barrel.
  • Designed in 1969, produced since 1974.
  • Effective range is about 50 meters.
  • Rate of fire: Semi-automatic for the two shots, but in practical terms, it's slow.
  • Weighs 7 to 9 pounds.
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