Hello everyone. I've been a fan of PMG for a long time and when I found this place I decided that it would be a good place to post ideas for guns that myself, or my friends, have had. This is a design that me and a friend made that shrinks the Navy's rail gun to a fraction of the size.


LWI-RGSR Prototype 1

The prototype design that me and a friend came up with.

The RGSR runs on a replaceable battery pack stored in the rear of the stock, which has a hinged cover that attaches to the base of the pistol grip. The magazine loads from the top instead of the bottom, making it easier to wire the magnetic rails around the barrel. The scope moves on a hinge point in front of it to allow this. It fires a solid .50 caliber round (material yet to be decided), my friend and I both agreed that the bigger the bullet the more it will punch through. The the rails on the outside are the cooling fins that keep the housing around the magnetic rails and barrel from melting or warping. Though we were unsure on whether we were going to go with the cooling fins or liquid cooling. We'll figure that when we get around to the actual physical prototype.

We did a small bit of number crunching, and we estimated the bullet would go about Mach 1 or Mach 2, niether of us are engineers so we're flying by the seats of our pants with this thing at the moment. The wiring for everything will be housed inside of anti-ECM/EMP, Electronic Counter Measure/ElectroMagnetic Pulse, material to keep it from being fried. Because of the seals that are to be on the various parts of the reciever, that area is resistant to debris. However, the barrel is still vulnerable to it. The magazine's themselves will not be field-reloadable, meaning that they must be reloaded using special equipment. The premise behind this is that it prevents enemies who may get their hands on a RGSR from reloading them. If the bullet is going Mach 1 or 2, that many rounds isnt necessary. The pair would probably only need to carry 5 or 6 magazines for the railgun, and the rest would be for their other weapons.

We don't really know the exact voltage, but we think that if we use about 16-18 volts and then put that through several transformers that are integrated into the battery, that we will get the voltage we need. We are also thinking of using a select-fire type mechanism to allow the shooter to set the maximum range they want to hit, the farthest we think the RGSR effectively is 10 miles. The shooter would be able to select from 1 to 10 miles. The selector would then alter the output from the battery to only go the selected range.

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