The RS-15 is a semi-automatic carbine rifle manufactured by Rickard Firearms & Defense. It is their entry into the popular AR-15 market, and was one of the first AR-15 rifles sold after the expiration of the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban. In 2011, a 7.62 / .308 variant known as the RS-35 was released, replacing the relatively unsuccessful Model 40, and in 2016, the RS-15 Heritage Edition was released, based on the original Colt M16 and SP-1. In the U.S. rifle market, it competes against the AK-based AA105 series of rifles.

Interesting fact: The name "RS-15" actually stands for "Rickard / Stout - 15" and doesn't bear the name of the CEO of RF&D, Michael Walker. The reason why is because Walker, being a former employee of ArmaLite, has a certain hatred for the AR-15 pattern of rifles.


The RS-15.


The RS-15 Heritage Edition.


  • Barrel is 14.5 inches long.
  • Chambered for the .223 Remington cartridge, and is fed via a STANAG magazine or PMAG.
  • Designed in 2001, produced since 2004. The Heritage Edition model has been produced since 2016.
  • Effective range is around 500 meters.
  • Rate of fire: Semi-auto only
  • Weighs 6.7 pounds.
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