RPG-G5 Anti Tank Launcher

Rpg g5 by storm x-d5ys8tk

RPG-G5 With Warhead.

A blend of the G5 RPG from the Ballistic Weapons with the RPG-7 in Real Life. This is now a more versatile weapon than it's predecessor, not only firing a wide variety of warheads, but can fire them in three ways:

1: Fire and Forget-

The Traditional way of firing the RPG-7, just simply aim, fire and move on.

2: Laser Guided-

By turning on the laser module, the internal CPU in the warhead will follow that laser where ever you point it, being able to seek out moving targets with more precision.

3: Top-Down Attack-

Utilizing the scope, the user has to aim for a few seconds until the scope beeps, meaning the target is locked on. The user than can fire the rocket and it will go high into the sky, then comes crashing down onto the target. This mode is for hard to reach targets, moving targets, or vehicles.

Also, I took liberties of making a standard RG-8VL Warhead, not as big as the original PG-7V Warheads, but hits harder and is a bit more stable.

Plus, there is dual safeties near the trigger guard and a closeable rear hatch to make the RPG safe on all fronts.

Storm-X, Out.

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