From top to bottom- Sniper variant, CQBR variant, Standard/Stock variant, Squad Support variant


The BR16B with tactical rails

The BR16

The BR16 is chambered for 5.56 rounds, making it inexpensive to operate and very versatile. The BR16 is a newer (and much better) weapon than its predecessor, the BR14. Ramacan Arms Company made the BR16 for the Armed Forces after reports of the BR14 being to expensive to operate and not reliable enough for contenuous use, whereas the BR16 can go without service for extended periods of time. The BR16 is not available to civialians due to its lethality and its easiness to handle. It can fire in semi-auto, automatic, 2-round burst, and 3-round burst (Squad Support only).

The BR16B

The BR16B is a later version of the BR16. It has a rail accessory system on the handguard, allowing for more attachments than included with the base variant. It has lighter components and stronger internal components.

Amount Issued

Ramacan Army-75,000-85,000, replaced the BR14.

Ramacan Seaforce-42,000-47,000, replaced the BR14.

Ramacan Air Force- 17,000-23,000, replaced the BR14.

Ramacan Domestic Defence Corp.-10,000-12,000.

Stockpiled (for sale, militia use, etc.)-2,000.

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