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The BR14

The BR14 is chambered for 7.62 rounds, allowing for great stopping power as well as multi-model versitility. The BR14 is no longer in service, as it has been replaced by the BR16, a more accurate and reliable weapon. Ramacan Arms Company  made the BR14 exculsively for the Armed Forces, but its availability and reliability made it popular amongst civilians as well. It can fire in semi-auto, automatic, and 3-round burst (Squad Support only).

Amount Issued

Ramacan Army-60,000-70,000, replaced by BR16.

Ramacan Seaforce-30,000-45,000, replaced by BR16.

Ramacan Air Force- 15,000-20,000, replaced by BR16.

Ramacan Domestic Defence Corp.-7,000-10,000, limited use.

Stockpiled (for sale, militia use, etc.)-50,000, sent to stockpile from active duty when obsolete.

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