ProMet Shiker

ProMet Shike

ProMet Tanko

ProMet Tanko hunting rifle

The ProMet Shike is a semi-automatic sniper rifle made by Russian arms manufacturer, ProMet


The ProMet Shike began its life as the ProMet Tanko hunting rifle. The Tanko rifle has been produced since 2019 up to the present. ProMet decided to produce a sniper rifle for police forces, and that the Tanko would serve well as a baseline. The Tanko was give provisions for a bipod, an upgraded trigger system, an enlarged magazine well, provisions for a supressor, an upgraded scope, and a lighter polymer frame. The upgraded weapon was then marketed to police and paramilitary forces as the Shike. Since its initial introduction in 2020, it has been adopted by several Russian police forces, as well as the Albanian army and Brazilian navy. It is currently undergoing testing with the United States military.


Rate of Fire: N/A

Effective range: 1700 m

Caliber: 7.62x39mm

Magazine Size: 20 rounds

Fire Modes Available: Semi automatic

While the standard scope is usually preferred, it can be removed, and another scope (or other optic) can be used to replace it. The barrel has the capability to support a supressor or a wide range of compensators. The bipod can be exchanged with a tripod or monopod (or simply be removed altogether). A sling can be utilized if so desired.

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