Hello and welcome to my WOZMD page. The first gun is CQB.

The CQB is best used when going through alleys or buildings like a mall .

it fires the NATO standard 5.56mm round. it is a common round. It is silenced so surrounding zombies cant hear you.

My second gun is a long range rifle. Best used for covering someone in the streets or just popping zombie heads.

It fires the 7.62mm bullet. it is an uncommon round though.
Long range

Its Bipod is possibly its best feature. its good for when you are aiming ontop of an apartment building.


My third gun is an M4 SOPMOD. Its Good for close range as with the CQB. It also fires the NATO Standard 5.56mm bullet as well. It has a flash light for when you go out at night and its silenced. it as been modified to increase firerate, now it fires at 987 RPM.

Thank you for checking out this page. Got any suggestions please by all means comment them and i just might add them if there good. And yes i will do custom guns for you guys if u comment just tell me what gun u want.

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