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Welcome to the Pimp My Gun Wiki!

Welcome to the Pimp My Gun wiki, an entire wiki dedicated to the popular flash game, Pimp My Gun. Here you can post your custom guns, write about them, or look at other's creations.

What is Pimp My Gun?

Pimp My Gun is an incredibly popular flash game that allows users to customize or create their own weapons using dozens of different parts, pieces, and accessories.

Getting Started

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step"

To get started first go to Pimp My Gun.com and create an awesome or average weapon of destruction. Save your gun and name it. Then return to the wiki and make a page with the same title as your gun. Post your gun's picture on said page and then give a brief to long description of your gun, it's name, how it works, how it would be used, etc. If the gun is a customized weapon then title the page "Customized (Gun's name here) then in parentheses your user name. Provide a paragraph or two next to the picture and if you ever create another customized gun of the same type add it to the page.

It goes without saying all creations uploaded should have been made in pimp my gun. If you tell us you made this in Pimp My Gun...well let's just say a few people won't be happy.

For more information got to this page or ask an admin.

Admins: Daniel Phoenix, UV00, Kyle Layton, ArizonaRanger27, TheGeneralB

Rules :

  • No inappropriate weapon names. You know what we mean. Nothing vulgar, racist, sexist, or offensive.
  • Only weapons unless under good circumstances. We don't care how well you can make pictures with weapon pieces, if you want to say write your username in gun pieces then you can do it but put it on your user page. As well nothing stupid that would violate the above rule(s). However, we do accept vehicles, if they are well made. Three triangles and two circles ISN'T a vehicle.
  • No plagiarism under any circumstances whatsoever. If you didn't make the gun then don't post it under your name. Remember plagiarism is a felony and if you are caught (which you will be; we know everything) then you can expect the gun deleted and a permanent ban from the wiki.
  • No making fun of inexperienced members. No matter how irrelevant or illogical their knowledge about weapons are. If you can't say something nice please don't say anything at all. If you'd wish to do something, you can give them tips or teach them in general.

 Also, remember to read our policies on community behavior.

Join our Discord chat!

Yes! We have a Discord server where you can talk to us and just chill out. (P.S. it's where most of us old farts hang around since we have no energy or inspiration to make PMG creations anymore, lel.)

If you'd like to join please be on your best behavior and do not show any discourtesy towards the members. Thank you!

Link here.

Competitions & Events!

Competitions Subject Competition Date Winning Gun Winner (Name or Companies Name)
New Assault Rifle for Ukrainian Armed Forces 2015.01.01 - 2015.03.01 ANSh-15 Red Titan NS Arms Corporation
Replacement for M107 in United States Military 2015.05.03 - 2015.06.17 HAMR Mk.1 Valhalla Arms Company
Replacement for M9 in United States Military 2015.06.21 - 2015.08.10 PPF MCAP Mk. 2 Phoenix Precision Firearms

Replacement for SG 550 for the Swiss Armed Forces


VM Rubikon Vector Monsters

Replacement for AR-15 series rifle for United States Armed Forces & NATO

2015.10.02-2015.11.15 SG-16

NS Arms Corporation

Replacement for M240 GPMG for United Staes Armed Forces 2015.11.25-2015.12.23 Praetorian Valhalla Arms Company
1st Perpetual Competition 2016.03.22-2019.10.21 See archive for winners See archive for winners