An AK-47, customized using Pimp My Gun.

Pimp My Gun is a popular flash game made by Dr. Noob and Skipper where a user can create or customize a gun. Many options can be chosen from flashlights, laser aiming modules, barrels, stocks, and more.


Development started on July 8th, 2009 where it was simply a website under construction with no interaction. Doctor Noob did all the flash coding, while Skipper provided the gun parts. After July, the interaction started. The website after July was made into a page where a link named Launch Application could be used to enter Pimp My Gun.  During 2010, a new version of Pimp My Gun was made, it had more dedication to colors, shapes, although there were less guns. The old version can still be played. On September 17, 2011, the last update was made to Pimp My Gun, Doctor Noob didn't give any reason why it is unsupported. It has since remained the same ever since. Skipper also didn't know why he is no longer updating it, and he went inactive after 2013 on his blog.

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