PSR-911 .308

PSR rifle in .308


The Precision Weapon Company first started to design the rifle around the mid-2000s. After seeing that the DSR-1 is quite heavy and that the GSG-9 need a sniper modular that is lighter than the DSR-1 (considering it weights 27lbs). 


The PSR rifle was first created from Precision Weapon Company in Germany. Based loosely on the DSR-1 and Barrett 98 Bravo, Precision Weapon Company have designed one of the most accuarte sniper rifle in the world. It can hit .5-1 inch groups in a 800 yard target and has some reports of hitting a 1 inch group at over 1200 yards. It has a bolt action mechanicism include a hydraulic recoil buffer in the buttstock and a intergrated suppressor. The suppressor not only acts like a suppressor, it also acts as a muzzle compenstator to reduce recoil (especially from a full-powered .308 round). The rifle is made up of plastics, aluminum alloys and and a few metal that makes this gun weight only at 10lbs unloaded, and 12lbs loaded. 


PSR .308- Original model. First designed as early as 2005. 

PSR .338- Designed in 2008. Made for market export use.

PSR .338

The PSR in .338.

PSR .50- Designed in 2011. Made for military usage only.

PSR .50

The PSR in .50.


Type: Sniper rifle

Designer: Precision Weapon Company

Year designed: mid-2000s

Produce: 2006-present

In service: 2006-present

Number built: 10,000+

Caliber: .308, 7.62x51mm NATO, .338 Lapua, .50 BMG 

Weight: 10lbs (unloaded), 12lbs (loaded) 

Barrel length: 20in (.308/7.62x51mm) 22in (.338 Lapua) 25in (.50BMG) 

Maximum range: .308/7.62x51mm 1,200-1,500yrds (1,097-1,372m) .338 Lapua 1,400yrds (1,280m) .50 BMG 8,800yrds (8,047m) 

Round Capacity: 20 rounds (.308/7.62x51mm) 12 rounds (.338 Lapua) 5-10 rounds (.50 BMG) 




USA: Reports of the McDonalds Special Forces using the sniper.


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