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A stock Zugzwang P.


The Zugzwang is Phoenix Precision Firearms' first weapon to be designed by its German division (hence the name; Zugzwang means "tight spot" or "unfavorable situation" in German, and is also a chess term). It is a light semi-auto carbine chambered in .500 S&W Magnum. The heavy, powerful round necessitates the use of many remedies for its recoil. The Zugzwang employs only one: Its rather large muzzle brake. This carbine is unique in that it uses a folding stock not made by PPF, instead borrowing a FAB Defence AK stock. A unique aspect of the rifle is that despite its power being comparable to that of the Russian ASh rifle (the S&W case has a much higher pressure limit than the 12.7x55, enabling it to have a bit more power in a much smaller package), it is still shorter than most assault rifles and even some submachine guns. This is due to the .500 Magnum, essentially a pistol cartridge, requiring only a short barrel to get up to speed.


  • Zugzwang C

This is the standard rifle. It has a folding stock and a 6" barrel. This makes it an NFA item, but people buy it nonetheless.

  • Zugzwang SD

This rifle is the same as the C, except it has a longer handguard and a large 10" suppressor that can be separated from the weapon, but requires to be attached to safely fire.

  • Zugzwang C/A and SD/A

Same as the above two, but with a full-auto mode. This is not sold to the public at all, and serves with the Counter-Terrorism unit of the U.S. ELITES.

  • Zugzwang R

A variation with a 16" barrel. Also uses a buffer tube for smoother shots, so a folding stock is not viable.

  • Zugzwang P

The C variant, except it's impossible to mount a stock onto it. Therefore, it is a pistol.

  • Zugzwang CAL

This one is basically a Zugzwang P equipped with a bullet button and a handguard with no bottom rails, so Californian officials can't pick on it. Perfect for Gun Control-impaired self defense.

Statistics (C/A variant only)

Name : Zugzwang C/A 

Weight : 2.5 kg (unloaded), 3.3 kg (loaded)

Length : 26.6" unfolded, 17.1" folded

Barrel Length : 6"

Feed System: 10, 20 or 25 round doublestack magazines

Caliber : .500 S&W Magnum

Muzzle Velocity : 300-700 m/s (Depending on cartridge and load)

Optimal Range : 5-200 meters

Effective Range : 500 meters

Rate of Fire : 450 RPM


A Zugzwang C/A.

A Zuzwang CAL. This is the best-selling weapon in California and other similarly restricted states.