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The XM63 is a heavy AM Rifle made by Phoenix Precision Firearms, a US-based weapons manufacturer. It is designed to replace the M107, a rifle that is currently in service with the US Military. Its most prominent feature is the use of 4 experimental electromagnetic rails that accelerate the round going out of the barrel to a higher speed. The rifle as it is shown in the picture below lacks its signature accumulator (used to power the rails), and as such cannot use the rails. This accumulator, usually strapped to the back of the Sniper's suit, is quite heavy and needs to be recharged every 2 days or so of sniping. The stock contains a recoil containment spring system, like most anti-materiel rifles nowadays. Another prominent feature is the XM63's unique scope - using the rifle's on-board anemometer, it calculates the approximate spot that the bullet will strike. Another variation of the weapon is the XM63tac Tactical Anti-Personnel rifle, a shorter and lighter rifle made for long-range important target elimination.

XM63 Anti-Materiel Rifle

The XM63...

...And its little brother, the XM63tac.


Name : XM63 

Weight : 13 kg (unloaded), 15 kg (loaded)

Length : 50" (127 cm) Barrel Length : 24" (22" on the XM63tac)

Magazine Size : 10 rounds (XM63), 20 rounds (XM63tac)

Caliber : .50 UHC, .40 PM

Muzzle Velocity : 850-1500 m/s (XM63), 1000-1800 m/s (XM63tac)

Maximum Range : 3XXX meters

Optimal Range : 800-2000 meters

Rate of Fire : Semi-Auto, no more than 20 RPM due to magnetic build-up


  • Accuracy : Extreme
  • Recoil : Kind of high
  • Damage : Unwithstandable
  • Mobility : Cumbersome
  • Reload Speed : Medium
  • Penetration : Destructive


While the CEO of Phoenix Firearms initially wanted to go with basic .50BMG/.338 Lapua Magnum cartridges, the potential of the rifle as a future weapon of utter devastation (A potential ultimately left unrealised) persuaded him to develop new cartridges, namely the .50 UHC (Universal Heavy Cartridge) and the .40 Phoenix Magnum, both "new-generaton" versions of other cartridges (.50 BMG and .338 Lapua, respectively). Both were used in the later and far more successful Axiom-pattern weapons.