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A Short Dot-equipped XM42.


The XM42 LRR (Long Recon Rifle) is a light semi-automatic sniper rifle developed as the successor to the Steyr Scout and an alternative to the M110 CSASS, sacrificing modularity for accuracy and portability. The rifle sports a heavily modified and lightened M14 chassis with a completely hollowed-out riflestock, an overbarrel long-stroke gas piston system and a 20-round magazine. Though its stock is synthetic, the rifle is virtually unbreakable, utilizing modern technology to have as rigid a construction as a polymer body can allow, while its ultra-reliable operating mechanism can easily take on the most adverse of conditions. The rifle weighs just 7 pounds (3.175 kg), and that's very light considering it's a semi-auto 7.62 NATO rifle with a heavy compensated 20" barrel! The only real downfall of the rifle is its traditional "Riflestock" design, which makes it rather hard to modify, as well as long. Luckily, it still has two rails. Its 6.5x47mm version was adopted by the PGS immediately after its prodution started and they liked it, so that should give you an idea of how awesome it is!


Name : XM42 

Weight : 3.175 kg (with empty mag)

Length : 45"/114 cm

Barrel Length : 20" (Compensator included)"

Magazine Size : 10/20 rounds

Caliber : 7.62 NATO and derivatives like 6.5x47 Lapua

Muzzle Velocity : 1000 m/s

Optimal Range : 30-900 meters

Effective Range : 1300 meters

Rate of Fire : Up to 400 RPM if operated by Jerry Miculek